Mindfulness for Living Course (MBCT- L)
This is a course for beginners as well as those with previous experience, or looking to re start their Mindfulness Practice.

Outline Of Course:

Class One: Waking up from Automatic pilot:
Orientation, What Is Mindfulness? Introduction, Intentions and Practicalities
Session 1: Monday 07/10/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Two: Another Way of being: Keeping the Body in Mind:
Mindful awareness, a new way of knowing.
Session 2: Monday 14/10/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Three: Gathering the Scattered Mind:
“Coming Home” through Mindfulness Parcatice.
Session 3: Monday 21/10/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Four: Recognising Reactivity:
Recognising Reactivity and how Reactivity is maintained.
Session 4: Monday 04/11/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Five: Allowing and Letting be:
Developing Stability and Spaciousness, Befriending Experience.
Session 5: Monday 11/11/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Six: Responding skilfully; Thoughts are Not Facts:
Responding with Skilfulness and Discernment.
Session 6: Monday 18/11/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Extended practice: All-day silent session of different meditation practices
Sunday 24/11/19 10-4pm

Class Seven: How can I best take care of myself?
Taking Skilful Action in the Face of Challenge, Nourishing Ourselves.
Session 7: Monday 25/11/19 from 6-30 to 8-30 pm

Class Eight: Mindfulness for life
Keeping your Mindfulness Alive beyond the Course
Session 8: Monday 02/12/19: from 6-30 to 8-30 pm


Applying for courses:

If you are interested in attending any of these courses please contact me at:

[email protected]

Cost: on application

My aim is to try to keep the cost of course down so as to make it accessible to people of all backgrounds.